When expanding your business and providing a good service, it is possible for your brand to gain market and receive people interested in making partnerships, so if you are looking to increase your portfolio, it is worth leaving an area for it on your page.

Stays.net counts on a default form where owners can register themselves - without obligation - in addition to entering the listings and having an initial access as a guest of your business.

To complete your objective, check the necessary steps in the table below:

1Enable the capture button on the websiteIn order to have a space for capturing real estate, it is necessary to enable it within your Stays.net system making it visible to the owners interested in passing on property information.SEE DETAILS
2Edit the property capture area of the websiteStays.net has a default structure of this menu available to all partners, so it is important that you make appropriate adjustments to the text throughout the process.SEE DETAILS
3See how the owners will request website visitsOwners interested in partnering with your business will be able to submit listings for your review from the [Advertiser Panel] menu.SEE DETAILS
4Manage requests for visits to the owners' listingsBy activating and editing your website property capture panel, you will be able to receive orders from owners interested in partnerships.SEE DETAILS

If you use a form specific to this routine, it is possible to set up a redirect link to it on your website, but the registration of the listings and owners must be done manually on the basis of Stays.net!
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