AirDNA is the world leader in statistics on vacation rentals. The company helps you with market indicators for you to set up good strategies for your business. Check below the most recurring questions:

How to access AirDNA indicators on

The information will be available in the pricing area of your listings page. Just click on a button to generate the indicators. See details.

What indicators AirDNA provides for Stays listings?

Average daily rates (ADR) and average occupancy rate. See details.

How does AirDNA calculate this information? 

AirDNA gets a base through your Stays listing information and crosses that data with listings registered on Airbnb. Samples can be composed of 10 to 50 listings similar to yours. See details.

How to clarify the "average daily rate prices" graph?

From your listings pricing screen, you will have available the value of your daily rates practiced monthly and also the market amount. See details.

How to clarify the "average occupancy rate" graph?

The orange line represents the listing's average monthly occupancy rate, based on information from your Stays calendar. The blue line represents the percentage of the average occupancy rate of listings in your region with similar characteristics to yours. See details.

How to set up strategies based on the data of the "average daily rates"?

Verify the market fluctuation and identify the best periods to raise or lower your amounts. See details.

Why is there no data in my listing?

AirDNA uses specific criteria to generate the data. It is necessary to verify if your listing fits these criteria. See details.

How to use indicators if the listing is different from the standard?

It is necessary to use the data strategically, analyzing the values of competing listings in relation to the market and, then, aligning your daily activities in a competitive way. See details.