Have you already noticed the price charts on the pricing page of your accommodation?

This data made is from our partnership with AirDna, which is the world leader in seasonal rental market data and will help you have market-aligned pricing, one of the basic principles of Revenue Management.

You'll get information on the average daily rate for each month and the average monthly occupancy forecast for your region for the next 12 months, which will help you keep your accommodations competitive. See below for more details on the feature!

Where are the screen indicators taken from?

Based on the location of your accommodation (latitude and longitude) and product characteristics such as number of rooms, number of bathrooms and maximum guest capacity, AirDna collects information about the monthly average daily rates and occupancy forecast for accommodations in AirBnB more similar to your product. This number of similar accommodations can range from 10 to 50 accommodations.
Important: AirDna only benchmarks "Entire Home" accommodations.

We emphasize, therefore, that in order to obtain accurate indicators, it is important that your accommodation has been correctly registered in our system. For more information on the register of rooms and maximum of guests, see the link below:

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How can I use the indicators if my accommodation does not fit the local standard?

Having a high-end or extremely simple accommodation are also "out of the loop" points of the hosting market as a whole and as AirDna maps market statistics, study concentration is on more traditional hosting models and with that, the other types of accommodation are still not being considered, however, not everything is lost ...

You can also use the data generated by AirDna as a reference for your pricing. Here's our tip:

  1. Check on AirBnB accommodations with similar characteristics to yours;
  2. See in their calendar which have more occupied periods and choose them for your analysis list;
    Having many busy periods is an indicator of high occupancy rate...
  3. See the price suggested by AirDna and calculate the average percentage that competing lists have difference from the average market value;
  4. Apply this percentage found on the average market value to form the price of your daily.

From this action, you will have prices aligned with the market practice of your region and become competitive.
Regarding occupancy forecast data, it is simpler... Regardless of the type of accommodation, this number usually represents the tourist demand of the region in general, so you only need to consider the numbers when setting up your Seasons and Events structure.

How can I analyze the "Average Daily Value" indicator?

The system will present you with a blue line that will represent the price you are charged and a value on the screen, which represents the average practiced by the market in your region.
To learn more about the indicator and get some more tips on chart analysis, click the button below:

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How can I analyze the "Average Occupancy Forecast" indicator?

You will see a graph consisting of a blue line, which represents your average monthly occupation and a percentage that indicates the market trend.
For more details on the indicator and get some more tips on chart analysis, click the button below:

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In my region there are different types of accommodation (ex: houses, apartments, chalets etc). Does this influence the study of AirDna?
If the accommodation types are of the "Entire Home" category, this does not differentiate study data.

What happens if there is not enough data?
The system will warn you from an error message on the screen.
In this case it is valid to check if your accommodations are registered correctly in the system.
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