The main purpose of the reservation calendar made available to owners on the website is to facilitate communication.

Instead of long email exchanges or numerous phone calls, they count on a panel to record personal uses, check future reservations and the progress of reservation transfers.

See below all possible actions from this panel:

Block in the listing calendarOwners will be able to create blocks in the listing calendars, which allows greater autonomy in the management of the availability of properties. Blocks will be applied immediately to your sales routine on the website and sales channels with connected calendars.
Sending messages to the administratorThis will generate an email for the person responsible for the relationship with the owner and, with that, you will offer another service channel to your owners.
Changes in the price charged to youIf you use the "over price" commissioning model, owners can request a price agreement as needed.
View the net price table (purchase price)As an added feature, if your commission model involves a table of prices, it is possible to display a table with these amounts in the owner's extranet.
Access the listing's public pageAllows owners to access the public listing page on the website in order to verify information, photos and the final result of the negotiation process with your business. In addition, you can track guest reviews that you leave visible on the website.
All these features are editable and you will be able to set through the permissions settings what will be visible or not in the owners extranet.
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Now that you know how the owners' calendar works on the website, how about getting to know more details about the extranet features aimed at the accountability routine?