One of the best practices for capturing owners is transparency so it may be a good strategy to give your Owners an administrative dashboard on the site so they can check out some information.In this article, we'll look at how the Owner's Calendar tool works and what it can do for you.

Purpose of the "Owner's Calendar"

The main purpose of this site tool for Owners is to help you communicate with them.

Instead of long telephone conversations or startling emails over the course of the night, the Owner will have limited access to the accommodation calendar and may block them on the days he or she uses the accommodation.

In addition, it can see the periods in which the accommodation has Reservations to arrive, thus avoiding an overbooking with the Owner and unpleasant surprises to the guest during the stay.

Possible actions to Owner via "Owner's Calendar"

By accessing this area of the site, the Owner may take the following actions:

Lock in the Accommodation Calendar

It is the main use of the panel. With this feature, the Owner can block the accommodation for their own use and transmit this to the sales calendar of the product, transmitting this to the sales channels and your site instantly, without the need for long telephone conversations or "surprise emails" throughout the night.

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General Requests for You

The Owner may send messages to the administrator with any subject. This will cause an email to be generated for the Owner Relations Officer and thereby provide you with a further channel of service to your Owners.

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Changes to the price charged to you

This usage is more specific to accommodations and businesses that establish the Commissioning Model in the "Overprice" and "Based on Purchase Price" models. In this case, the Owner may request an agreement where he lowers the net price he charges you and you. on the other hand, undertakes to reduce the amount of the daily rates in the period for guests.

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Check details of Reserves and amounts received by them

The Owner may accompany the Reservations in the Calendar and have information about the Reserves, if you make this available.
In addition, he can see, in the cases where you initiated the Transfer of Reserves, the amount he has to receive and the credits already confirmed for him.
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Consult the Buy Price registered on the website

This feature is also applicable for those with a Commissioning Model where the Owner has a price list. You can enable the visualization of the Price table that you have set in order to provide transparency to your Owner and he can check information in case of doubt.
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Access the Public Accommodation Page

This feature is recommended if you have participative Owners and many accommodations on the site. For this feature, he can access the advertisement of his accommodation on the site in order to verify information, photos and the final result of the negotiation process with you. Also, it may accompany the guest ratings that you leave as visible on the website.

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How does the Owner access his Calendar on the site?

After you have correctly registered the Owner in the system and have linked the accommodation to his name, it is enough for the Owner to log on to the site and access the "Reservation Calendar" option, as shown below:


Are these possible actions for the Owner obligatory to maintain or can I adjust which ones I want and which ones I do not want?
Through system permissions, you can enable or disable most features of the Owner user role (= Owner or = Landlord on your system).
If you do not want any of the features you can also disable the site option completely.
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What is the difference between the options "My Reservations", "Reservations Calendar" and "Confirmed Reservations" offered on the website?
The "My Reservations" option is applicable to all guests and users of the site and serves to be the history of locations made by the user. Because it is possible for your Owner to make Reservations with you, this option is present for these cases.

The "Booking Calendar" option has been described in this article and aims to provide general information about the availability of accommodation to its Owner.

Finally, the "Confirmed Reservation" option is related to the Owner Accounts module, where it can more easily control the Reserves that it will receive Transfer amounts. Click the link below for more details:

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