Owner's extranet is a restricted area for owners on your website. In this area, it is possible to share information about reservations and listings calendar with their respective owners, creating a transparency relation. Here are some recurring questions:  

How to provide access to owners? 

Before anything, set who the owners are of each listing. After that, enable a user for them with that, it will be possible to create credentials and allow access to the website restricted area.

Is it possible to restrict the owners' extranet resources?

You can manage permissions of all owners through the users [Permissions] panel. It is possible to hide certain buttons or even menus from the original version of the owners' extranet. 

Is it possible to restrict information about reservations?

Yes, it is. You can restrict the preview of certain information about the reservation, such as your commission and also the channel that was the source of the reservation.

Will owners be able to see the amounts of any listing's period?

You can set this policy in each listing. To do that, go to the [Finance > Contract settings] tab of your listing.

Can I track what the owners do on the extranet?

On [Auxiliaries > Owner Activity], it is possible to see the last access and some basic actions performed by them.

To see the information above on real life, watch our video: