The owner's extranet is a restricted area for owners on your website.

In this area it is possible to share information about the bookings and the lodging's calendar with their respective owners, thus generating a relationship of transparency.

To help you with the settings of the extranet features, we have gathered some recurring questions in the table below:

How to provide access to owners?First you need to allocate your owners in your lodgings.
Then, it is necessary that you enable a user for your owners, in order to generate credentials and access to the restricted area of the website.
It is worth mentioning that it is possible to keep owners in your database without having a user registration, which allows you to manage which owners should - or should not - have access to the owner's extranet.
Is it possible to restrict the features of the owner's extranet?In case some features do not fit your commission model or your owner's transparency policy, you can manage the permissions of all your owners through the users [Permissions] panel.
It is possible to hide certain buttons or even menus from the original version of the owners extranet!
Is it possible to restrict information about bookings?For you to not have an extranet without features, allows you to keep the booking preview feature on the part of the owners, however, you can limit what information will be visible or not, such as the sales channel that originated the booking, your commission earned and other options.SEE DETAILS
Will owners be able to see the prices for any listing period?
You will be able to configure this policy on each listing, on the [Finance > Contract Configuration] tab of your listings!SEE DETAILS
Can I monitor what owners do on the extranet?
You can see the last access and some basic information performed by them.
Just go to the [Auxiliaries > Owner Activity] tab and the information will be there.