Stays was the first Brazilian solution to have a content connection with AirBnB so our most common connection to the channel is the API.However there are specific cases where a B plan is needed and connect the accommodations using the iCal solution.In this article we'll show you more details on how to connect accommodations to AirBnB.

When should I connect my lists to AirBnB via iCal?

The AirBnB content connection is a constantly evolving tool, and is not yet available for lists where you are co-hosting.
In this case, you will need to connect via iCal, in order to have an availability integration and get the basic information of the Reserve within Stays.

What does it mean to connect lists with AirBnB via iCal?

It means that you will send AirBnB the availability of your accommodation and receive from them the Reservations closed there.Because it is a calendar connection, AirBnB pricing will need to be made directly on your AirBnB portal and when the Reserve is imported into Stays, you may have to adjust the price of the Reserve according to what was closed with the guest. 

Importing AirBnB Reservations will take place every 30 minutes and will allow you to have a Reservation in the system (most iCal connections only make calendar blocks), containing basic guest information such as name, email and phone number for contact.

In addition, if there are changes to the Reserve date or a cancellation of it in AirBnB, your Stays Calendar will be updated with this information.At the same time, it is necessary to export your Stays calendar to AirBnB so that your AirBnB Extranet calendar is updated according to your Stays calendar!

How do I connect iCal to AirBnB?

First, your list must be registered with both Stays and AirBnB. From there, we make a process of binding calendars. 

Then, just follow the steps below to start the process:

  1. Access the AirBnB Channel Manager screen within Stays;
  2. Go to the [Inventory Items] tab;
  3. Choose the accommodation and click on the blue arrow;
  4. On the right side, inside the section "iCal Connection" there will be instructions on how to proceed.

For a correct connection, you simply copy the AirBnB calendar link in the "AirBnB iCal" field in our system.
However, you'll need to copy the "Stays iCal" into the calendar sync area of your list's management page on AirBnB.
If you have questions about how to do this on AirBnB, do not hesitate to click the button below:


Remember that there is the API connection model with the channel too, and if you want more information about the connections, click the button below:


In this connection, will I be able to import locks from my AirBnB calendar?
No. This connection is designed to import only the Confirmed Reservations in AirBnB to the Stays Calendar.

Will My Locks inserted in the Stays Calendar be transmitted to the AirBnB Calendar?
Yes. If you have correctly configured the connection on the AirBnB portal, manual locks as well as Reservations in your Stays Calendar will be sent to the AirBnB Calendar.

Why can not I connect my AirBnB list with the iCal option that exists within the accommodation page?
This available on-screen connection is more focused on other channels.
In this case, everything you have in the calendar to be imported will arrive in your system as a Block, which would give you an additional job of keeping the Reserves in the system.
Lastly, AirBnB has some availability restriction options (eg Reserve Advance Time) and this comes as a deadlock as well, so it is safer and easier to connect by the way we indicate in this article.
I want to know more...

I will have to relocate my guest from a Reservation coming via iCal AirBnB into another accommodation. How should I do?
The concept is the same as the other sales channels.
The exchange of accommodation needs to be done directly on AirBnB and after that our system will synchronize this change.
Doing via Calendar Stays, though it may seem a lot simpler, is risky, since the system uses Reservation and Accommodation locators to monitor your calendar, so by misaligning it, you can trigger conflicts in your calendar.

I created a reservation or lock on Stays but I still do not see it in the AirBnB Calendar. What to do?

The first step is to check if the "iCal Stays" link from the accommodation has been properly placed on AirBnB.

If correct, it is important to note that AirBnB takes some time to import some records from your calendar.

If this range is too high, check that on the AirBnB portal, next to the iCal Stays link, there is an "update" button or something and click.This will force the synchronization of the Stays calendar. If you still do not get the content in your AirBnB Calendar, please contact our Support Team!