To help you manage the reviews received from the guests, has two possible paths:

Management via screen [Guest's Reviews]

  1. Access the [Reservations Center > Guest's Reviews] menu;
  2. Filter on the left to refine your search;
  3. Click on [Update].

From this action, it is also possible to filter by listing at the left side of the screen, select the desired review and make any of the actions below:

View full review contentClick on the [Show] button to display the content.
Edit the content of the guest reviewUse this tool only for possible spelling corrections and minor adjustments!
Click on the [Edit] button, make changes and save your content.
Post the review on your websiteBy clicking on the [Status > Review Status] button, just select the [Published] option to make the review public on the website or [Hidden] to hide. 
Answer and define if it should be part of the statisticsAlso on the [Status] button you will be able to answer the review, set what is the language - this helps regarding the navigability of the comments - and whether the review should be considered in your operational statistics, whether in the listing quality area or in relation to the services of a collaborator.

Management via listing page

It is also possible to access the reviews directly through the listings and make the same actions described in the previous step.

  1. Access the listing;
  2. Click on the [Auxiliaries > Reviews] menu;
  3. In case you want to create a review manually, click on [+Review].

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