"Vertical rate groups" is a set of listings at the same address that has a certain standard of structure and services, thus forming a category of listing.

In this case, the units are marketed as hotel rooms and not individually.

In the example above, extracted from Booking.com, Standard Double Room represents a set of listings and the guest only chooses the reservation category. It is up to the listing provider to define in which unit the guest will be allocated.

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Who can use this feature?Hotels, inns or vacation listings that have several units at the same address and with the same standard of services.-
What are the advantages of this feature?Among other advantages, the main one is the flexibility of the listing calendar. See the other advantages in the link beside.SEE DETAILS
Which sales channels are compatible with this feature?Airbnb, Booking, Expedia and Vrbo. If you have listings already active on the channels and want to adopt this model, you may need to take preliminary actions on the channels!SEE DETAILS
How to do this with identical listings?You must use the "Extend Availability" option, where you only need to have a basic content listing and price and make the cloning for several units.SEE DETAILS
How to do this with similar listings?The listings must be created and at the same address (Multi Listing Location). Just choose the "Group" option, define the master listing and the other components of the group. It is important that the listings have the same standard of service.SEE DETAILS

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