To register the description of your listings on, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the [Listings] menu;
  2. Find your desired listing on the screen and click on [Details];
  3. On the [Content] tab, find the [Descriptive Content] section;
  4. Put the requested information in the [Description] section, in all active languages of your Stays;
  5. Save the changes made at the top right of the screen.
Remember that this content will not be transmitted to, because according to the channel's policy, the description of the listings is created only by them based on content such as photos and registered amenities!
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Some channels such as do not accept special characters in the settings. So, when filling in the Listing Title, do not insert punctuation, emojis and symbols.

After you have registered your listing description, it is time to proceed to the other registration steps!