To create your cleaning fee, access the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Fee Manager > +Add fee] menu.

See below the actions that must be taken to configure the fee:

Set the fee name and activate itMark [Yes] to activate the fee on the and enter the public name and internal name.
Set how the amount will be chargedIndicate the amount charged in your fee.
The most used model is the [Per reservation] option, but there are cases where it is charged [Per night].
Set the amountAfter choosing an item in the previous step, the option to set how to charge the amount will appear.
The most used option is [Currency], which indicates a fixed amount, and can also charge in [Percentage].
If necessary, you can edit the amount per listing.
Activate charging for guestsIn the [Will the fee be applied to the guest invoice?] field, mark [Yes].
If you want to charge an amount for blocks made for use of the owner on your calendar, mark [Yes] in the [Will the fee be applied during reservation forwarding?] option as well.
Set fee behavior on website reservations and direct salesYou can set it according to your preferences, but we recommend that you mark the options like the picture on the side.
Do not forget to save the changes made for each section on the upper right side of the screen!
If you have chosen the fee model built into the daily rates amount, it will not be possible to edit the daily rates amount on the reservation page after its creation.
It will be necessary to first delete the fee from the reservation in order to later be able to change the daily rates amount!

Now that you know how to configure a cleaning fee, how about checking other fee models?