For a stable connection with good experience, it is important that before proceeding with the connection phase, you indicate on some essential integration information.

Remember that Booking will be the intermediary of the reservation process between you and guests, so some of your policies will have to fit the existing models on Booking.

You will find the Booking channel settings panel from the path below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers >] menu;
  2. Click on the [Settings] tab at the left side.

Check the table below for a list of the main settings you should make before connecting your listings:

Booking accountThis configuration is the first step of Booking connection and if you have not done it yet, it is necessary to enter your Booking account data so that the connection of your listings' content with the channel occurs.SEE DETAILS
Additional fees
In the [Fees & Taxes] option, it is possible to list what each additional charge of your Stays is on the Booking side.
Meal planIn the [Meal Plans] options, indicate which meals are included in your daily rates amount.
You will be able to configure this information per listing too.
Payment methodsIn the [Payments > What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?] option, you will be able to select which credit cards are accepted at your establishment and, if desired, make this setting customizable per listing.
However, if you choose Booking to receive the reservations' payment, this adjustment must be done manually on the channel's Extranet.
Reservations' importation
In the [Reservation > Reservation Settings] option, you will be able to set the commercial status of the reservations of the channel.
This will help you in the organization of the reservation menu routine.
Price submission
In the [Finance > Finance Settings] option, it is possible to set how your differentiated price for the channel will be.
In addition, you can indicate whether or not taxes are already included in your daily rates sent by
Cancellation policies
In the [Cancellation Policies] part, you must relate your registered Stays policies with the existing Booking models, because they are the ones who prevail in reservations made there.
Communication by emailIn the [Communication with Guests] part, activate the automatic email communication with your guests, defining behaviors about last minute reservations, about reservations without payment and reservation confirmation.
Security deposits charging
If you charge a security deposit in your Stays listings, it is possible to send not only the amount charged, but also your method of charging and refunding the security deposit for your Booking listings, configuring in the [Payments > Security Deposit Settings] option.
Mobile Promotions
How about offering special conditions for reservations made through mobile?
This is a promotional action by Booking that increases the competitiveness of your listings! Configure in the [Mobile Rates Settings] option.

Now that you already know about the main settings you should make on Stays, it is time to move on to the step of creation and/or linking listings between platforms!