By connecting an Airbnb account to a channel manager, your listings will switch to simplified pricing. In this way, the host pays a 15% commission to the channel, but has full control over the final price paid by Airbnb guests.

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Follow the steps below to get connected: 

Step 1. Connect your Airbnb account

If this is your first access, you must connect your Airbnb account with Stays and complete some important settings.

To do this, go to [Channel Manager > Airbnb] on your system. Enter an internal name in [Connect your Airbnb account to Stays] and click the button to connect. Then, finish filling out the steps on the Onboarding Actions page.

If you are the co-host of the listings, you must connect each host account, as we do not connect co-host accounts.

Step 2. Import your Airbnb listings to Stays

After connecting your Airbnb account to Stays, you must import the channel's listings. Within your system, go to [Property & Listings] and click [Import Airbnb listings].

Step 3. Sync or create a listing

  1. Go to [Channel Manager > Airbnb > Listings];
  2. Select the listing, click [Connect to Airbnb > Connect to an existing Airbnb listing] or [Create an Airbnb listing], and follow the on-screen instructions.