By connecting an Airbnb account to a channel manager, your listings will switch to simplified pricing. In this way, the host pays a 15% commission to the channel, but has full control over the final price paid by Airbnb guests.

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Follow the steps below to get connected: 

Step 1. Connect your account

  1. Access [Channel Managers > Airbnb > Account];

  2. Set the internal name to identify your Airbnb account and save it; 

  3. Click [Connect to Airbnb].  Make sure you are really in your account - you can check your Airbnb photo to ensure it - and allow the connection terms;

If you have more than one account, just repeat the steps. To do that, it is mandatory to log out of the first Airbnb account and start the connection with another account from the initial stage.

If you are a co-host of the listings to be connected, it is necessary to do the process with each host account. We do not sync co-hosts accounts. 

Etapa 2. Configure o channel manager

Access [Channel Managers > Airbnb > Settings] and inform your preferences. Here are some of the main settings that must be set:

  • Finance: Enter the correct daily rate in the price adjustment field. You can indicate the percentage to increase or decrease the amount on Airbnb. 

  • Cancellation policies: link your cancellation policy with Airbnb.

  • Additional fees: link your fees. The cleaning fee is already set. 

Step 3. Sync your listings

If you already have created listings on Airbnb, click [Channel Manager > Airbnb > Listings] and follow the steps below. This content is also available in video.

  1. Select the listing and click [Connect to Airbnb > Connect to an existing listing on Airbnb];

  2. Link your listing on Stays with the corresponding listing on Airbnb and click on [Next].  

    The API connection with Airbnb has two connection models - complete, when we connect the content of listings, prices and availability; and limited, when we connect only prices and availability.

  3. Finally, click the Airbnb icon on the right side of the listing and see the preview of your synced listing.

Step 4. Create a listing on Airbnb

Follow step by step to create a listing on Airbnb directly by Stays: 

  1. Go to [Channel Manager > Airbnb > Listings];
  2. Choose the listing and go to [Connect to Airbnb > Create a listing on Airbnb];
  3. Fill out the fields and click save;
  4. Please wait for the publication on Airbnb - the tag on the system will show when the listing is ready. After that, click the Airbnb icon to see the previwe.

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