A good market practice is to put units from the same address grouped together in a listing on Stays, as this makes your products able to receive reservations with a greater number of people in channels, such as Booking, for example.

In the example below, we see a consultation for 16 adults and the listing in question is eligible because the address has 4 apartments that fit 4 people each:

To count on this benefit, simply add listings to your Stays.net, Multi Unit Listing, where you initially put the main information of the address and services offered and then put the units, following one of the paths below:

Creation of Units
Link Listings Already Created
Unit creation can be done from your Multi Unit Listing screen.To link your unit to an existing address, just go to the [Location] tab, choose the [Link to Existing] option and set which is the listing in question.
Just go to the [Listings] tab and click on the button to add listings at the top of the page.Remember that to do this, the unit needs to be from the same address and, if you already commercialize on Booking and Expedia separately, it is necessary to adjust your listing in the channel as well, especially in relation to reservations already made in the past!

Regardless of the path chosen, do not forget to save the changes made and check if you have already filled in all the necessary fields for a good product registration on Stays.net!