Before proceeding with the instructions in the article, it is necessary that you already know how to do the actions below:

To create a booking you must go to the lodging calendar and follow the steps below:

  1. Click and drag the mouse on the period you want to book;
  2. In the open pop-up, click [Create Reservation];
  3. Click [next] to confirm the information;
  4. Find the guest in your database or record the new guest's information;
  5. Set the booking type on the right side of the screen (Pre-Booking or Booked);
  6. Fill in the requested information on the screen;
  7. Click [Save & Next]
In the case of pre-bookings, you have the option to put the expiration date of the reservation in question and this setting will cause the reservation to be automatically deleted from the calendar if there is no payment made by the date.
By leaving the field blank during the creation, will follow what you set in the general settings of your

Now that you know how to create reservations in your calendars, how about checking out what you can do in the booking page?