"Guest registration" is a document that aims to gather the main information of the travelers of the reservation in order to provide a control to the means of listing, as well as to regulatory agencies.

Before following the instructions in this article, you must already know the concept below:

  • Difference between the available guest registration templates (individual by guest or one for the group)
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The configuration of the guest registration template is done through HTML code and we separated the instructions according to your user profile:

I have HTML knowledge and want to edit on my own!

In this case, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Website & Template Manager > Templates > Printable templates];
  2. Click on [Master Templates];
  3. Click on the [national_record] or [national_record_group] template, according to your guest registration template;
  4. Make the changes in the template editor;
  5. Save the changes made

Important: If you are going to edit the template in multiple languages, save the edition in one language before moving on to the next one!

I have no HTML knowledge but I have a guest registration template done!

We can help you in this case. Send to sac@stays.com.br your template with the subject "I want to configure my guest registration".

This template will get to our design team and we will make the adjustments to make the system template as aligned as possible with your original one.

Important: do not forget to say which is the template of the guest registration: individual or per group?

I have no knowledge of HTML or template!

Stays.net counts with a default template based on what is practiced in the market and, to start, you can go using it.

Then, if you want to make adjustments, just send your template to sac@stays.com.br following the instructions we indicated above.

How to print the guest registration in a reservation?