To resolve a cleaning task, simply go to the task page in your preference panel and click on the [Done] button.

Check below how the flow is in each panel:

Cleaning task dashboardWhen accessing the [Cleaning Task Dashboard] through the [Tasks] menu, click on the little "i" on the desired task.
Then, on the right side, click on [New] and select the [Done] option.
All Tasks
When accessing the [All Tasks], find the task and click on it.
The rest is the same as the flow presented in the previous item, as you can see in the GIF beside.

Important: If a task was created improperly and will not be done, you must eliminate it from your routine using another flow!
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Important: The task resolution deadline will be according to the listing configuration on the [Cleaning & Maintenance] tab. If there is no stipulated time, the system will adopt a maximum period of 7 days by default, keeping the task on your cleaning dashboard, if there is no reservation before these 7 days.

Now that you know how to solve your cleaning pending issues, how about checking out more information about this operational routine?