integrates multiple routines of your business, so in addition to registering the inventory of your listings, inventory items are used to help Reservation Central and Inventory Quality Control areas.

When you register or edit an Inventory Item, you will be asked how you want the item to be integrated, so please check the meaning of each option:

Option [Is visible in the website]

If you want the item to appear as a tag in your site ad, just check the box.

We recommend marking this only on items that appeal to the general public.
It manages this area of your website listings.

It is important to mention that this information is used only at website listing, so it will not be sent to OTAs.

For this solution we have the amenities list!


Option [Advanced search to guests]

These are the decisive items in the search for listing by guests on your site.

You should check this box if the item is really a differential of your product.

Examples of items: hot tub, barbecue area, streaming service included among others.

It's important to mention that these items will also help your Reservation team when it comes to finding the right listings when creating Reservations Offers!


Option [Has to be checked]

You can define whether the item should be part of the check-in and check-out reports or not.

We recommend you to mark only the most valuable items of listing and with the highest risk of damage, so the inspection checklist is not so long.

Items that are easy to replace or have a reduced risk of damage should only be entered in the listing inventory.

Important: Only users with the "check_inventory" task enabled can adjust this box!