When solving your check-in and check-out inspections, you will be able to have the most relevant items for your team to check together with the guests.

For this process to work correctly and give you greater credibility regarding security deposits withholding and quality control of your products, you need to set the steps below on your Stays.net:

1Set who will set up the checklistsThe access to the [Needs to be checked!] little box is defined by the [check_inventory] task, therefore you must add this task to the users who will do this job!SEE DETAILS
Register the inventory in the lodgings
When you open lodging's rooms, you will be able to add items to the inventory.
By marking an item as [Needs to be checked!], you determine that it will appear on check-in and check-out inspections!
If you do not have members in the team to do this, an alternative is to already configure the [Needs to be checked!] in the items inventory database of your Stays.net, if they always have the same pattern!
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Now that you know how to set up the list of items to be inspected during the arrival and departure of the guests, how about seeing other information about this routine?