The inventory items can be activated or inactivated on the App Center of your system. To activate and follow the tutorial, access [App Center > Others >  Inventory items].

You can note down the most relevant items for your team to verify the group of guests in the check-in and checkout inspection. To this process happens properly, it's necessary to do the settings below on your system.

Step 1. Configure the users 

Set who can assemble checklists. To do that, access the users' profiles that will be responsible for the inspections and add 

the operational responsibility [Check-in and checkout] on the [Permissions > Internal access permissions].

Step 2. Set the verification items in the listings

Access [Rooms > Inventory items] of a listing to add other inventory items. On the setting of each system, select [Include in the IN/OUT checklist?] to indicate if it should appear on the inspection check-in and checkout checklist. 

Remember that if you don't select it, this option won't appear to the user.

Remember to keep your inventory item list updated. If you don't have members on your team to do that, an alternative is to set the [Include in the IN/OUT checklist?] on your database of your system inventory items, if they always have the same pattern.