Some products may have peculiarities that require constant warnings to the staff when performing a check-in and check-out procedure on the place.

If you have situations of this type in your portfolio, instead of putting comments for your team at each reservation, you can insert this information in a fixed way in the listings.

To register recurring information, follow the path below:

  1. Access your listing page;
  2. Access the [Auxiliaries > Cleaning & Maintenance] tab;
  3. Find the [Fixed Instructions for Arrivals and Departures] section;
  4. Fill in the information in the fields;
  5. Save the changes made at the top right of the screen.
This information is only for your operational team, it will not be related to the website or sales channels.
To instruct sales channel guests about check-in in the listings, see the links below:
Instructions for Airbnb...
Instructions for

Now that you already know how to insert recurring instructions for arrivals or departures in your listings, how about seeing other information about guests arrivals and departures?