To calculate the total number of nights sold in a period, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Reservation Center > Find Reservation];
  2. In the period field, mark [Creation] on the box and enter the desired date;
  3. Then check the [Disregard reservation status changes] little box;
  4. In the [Types] field, put the [reservation] and [contract] options;
  5. Click on [Update] to perform the search;
  6. In the results on the right side, scroll the page to [General Statistics] and click on it;
  7. The result will be displayed in the screen.

In this path you will have the absolute number of nights sold, but for a deeper analysis, it is possible to check the average ticket of reservations and a comparative chart of the nights booked vs. available nights.

These features are available starting from the Professional Stays plan and you can check more details on the links below: