In the listings cleaning routine, it is possible that in some cases collaborators need to pay attention to small details such as where to dispose of the garbage, the type of product to use in a particular piece of furniture or other peculiarities.

To facilitate corporate education regarding these operations, it is possible to register the instructions on the listing page so that this is always replicated in all cleaning tasks performed on the place.

To register recurring cleaning instructions, follow the path below:

  1. Access the listing page;
  2. Access the [Auxiliaries > Cleaning & Maintenance] tab;
  3. Find the [Fixed Instructions for Cleaning] section;
  4. Fill in the desired information;
  5. Save the changes made at the top right of the screen.
These instructions are for your operational staff only.
If you have something to advise your guests, at the website level you will be able to use the [Content > House Rules] screen, [Additional Rules] field.

Now that you already know how to register recurring instructions for cleaning in a listing, how about checking out other related subjects?