During the registration of a listing on Stays.net, you will see a registration area for rooms and inventory items and, in addition, a part called [Amenities], which also provides some items that are part of the listing, so a recurring question from users is how the items should be registered.

This depends on the main goal of the user, but see below for the context of each use of each path:

Inventory items

Inventory items are freely manageable by users with permission on your system.

It is possible to add or edit items in the Stays.net database according to the dynamics of your listing.

The main goal of this feature is to provide a quality control of the items available in the listings and, if you wish, it is also possible to use them in the presentation of your listings on the website or in the creation of complementary filters for users searching for a listing on your page.

See more details on the links below:



Amenities are predefined items according to the sales channels compatible with Stays.net.

By marking the amenities, you will indicate to the channels (by connecting the content of your listings) what your listings have.

In addition, on your website, it is possible to configure the amenities as part of the listing and even as an advanced search filter during the reservation process.

The main goal of the feature is the routine of attracting reservations for listings, either on the website or sales channels, so there is no built-in inventory control mechanism.


If you would like more information on how to activate/deactivate the display of inventory items and amenities of the listings on your webpage, click on the link below: