In the financial routine of, the owner's balance can be understood as a payable account to the owner, so to reach this amount, an audit is required that reviews all the credits and debits of the listing over a period.

You will have a list of postings and will be able to select which ones will be considered for the set up of the amount to be forwarded to the owner.

To do the process, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Finance > Owners Statements] menu;
  2. In the filters on the left, select the desired listing and periods;
  3. Click on the [Update] button to generate the data;
  4. Mark the little box at the left side of the desired items;
  5. Click on the blue little arrow [>];
  6. Set the balance payment (or charging) date and posting name;
  7. Click on [Save] to complete the process.

When you finish building the balance, it will remain in the screen list, but it will no longer be a selectable item.