This material is intended for users who work with owners using fixed prices as the commissioning model, which is known on Stays as Overprice.
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One of the features on owner extranet is to enable owners to negotiate a reduction in the partnership's fixed price, that aims to pass on this discount to the consumer.

This is a common strategy for low demand periods or for listings in which the owners need more reservations in the calendar.

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How to enable owners to request the discount via Extranet?

It is possible to manage individually by the owner the possibility of having this option enabled on the Extranet.
Just access the owner record, go to the Permissions tab and in the Owner Permissions area, mark Yes in the option below:

For more tips on how to manage the features available in the Owners Extranet, check the link below:
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How can the owner request the net price adjustment? 

The owners will be able to do this from the owner calendar, that is one of the options you can find on the Extranet, as long as the listing's commission model is Overprice.

They will be able to select a period in the calendar and then select the Discount option, just like in the image below:

The process of setting up the adjustment request is the same as a Promotional Package, so if you need more information, check the link below: 
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How can I manage the net price adjustment requests made by the owners?

The requests made by the owners via Extranet are in the Calendar > Owner Calendar tab in your listings like in the example below:

After clicking on the image, you will have more information on the adjustment request and will be able to confirm or reject the request:

If you accept the request made by the owners, the application will immediately be in your net price, but it is expected that you apply some discount action to your guests to pass this discount to the consumers!


I liked the feature but the owners will not know how to use it. Is there any other way?

You will be able to make the net price adjustments directly in the Owner Calendar, via the listing's page.
Just go to the Calendar > Owner Calendar, select a period and follow to the editing of the price, as indicated in the previous item:


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