When accessing your [Finance > Payable Accounts] menu and choosing the [New Transaction] option, you will have at the top some predefined templates to help you register the transactions according to the behavior you want, in relation to your cash and also - in some cases - with the balance of your owners in the forwarding routine:

Below is a brief definition of each option:

Pay a billIt is a simple payment transaction to a particular supplier.
In this case, if you have transactions that repeat themselves, click on the [Repeat] option and choose the number of times this will be repeated.
Pay a bill on behalf of the ownerIn this case, you will pay the bill to the supplier, but the owner will refund you the full amount in the moment you forward the reservations, that is, the amount will be deducted from the owner's balance.
Share a bill with the ownerIt consists of a full payment made from your cash flow, but part of the amount will be refunded by the owner as a rebate on their balance during the reservation forwarding.