One of the reasons that inhibit small businesses to accept instant reservations is the fear of receiving last minute reservations and not having enough time to prepare the listing.

On your Stays, you can configure the restriction of last minute reservations according to the policy and reality of your business. 

If you do not work with instant reservations, but have connected to sales channel that works with instant reservations, you need to set this policy as well!

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Setting the standard last minute reservations restriction

To set your restriction policy for last minute reservations, go to Settings > Reservations > Instant Reservations.
Just set your preferences on the Time in advance section, and do not forget to save the changes:

By selecting the option in days, you indicate how many minimum days a user needs to book in relation to the moment of arrival. The minimum number of days accepted in the field is 2 days and the maximum is 99 days.

On the other hand, when selecting the option in hours, you must indicate the maximum time of day when reservations for the same day are accepted.

- If you want to limit same-day reservations to no later than 11 AM, just put 11 in the time field.

- To apply 1 day restriction, you must mark "00:00" in the [By Hour] option.

Setting the last minute restriction policy of a listing

If your policy on last minute reservations varies according to the listing in question, you can adjust the policy in your listings, from the [Distribution > Reservation settings > Last Minute Reservations Restriction] configuration, like the following example:

If you do not remember what is your global policy, click on the Preview button below the field to display your default policy.

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