To set up your policy on last minute reservations, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Settings > Reservation Settings > Instant Bookings] menu;
  2. Scroll the page until you find [Last Minute Instant Booking];
  3. Fill in your preferences for last minute bookings according to the instructions on the screen;
  4. Save the changes you made at the upper right side of the screen.

By selecting the option in days, you indicate how many minimum days a user needs to book in relation to the moment of arrival. The minimum number of days accepted in the field is 2 days and the maximum is 99 days.

On the other hand, when selecting the option in hours, you must indicate the maximum time of day where reservations for the same day are accepted.

- If you want to limit same-day bookings to no later than 11 AM, just put 11 in the time field.

- To apply 1 day restriction, you must mark "00:00" in the [By Hour] option.

Customizing the policy per listing

If your policy on last minute bookings varies according to the listing in question, simply enable the option to configure the policy per listing and in your listing, access the [Distribution > Reservation Settings > Inhibit Last Minute Bookings] option, like the following example:

Now that you have already configured your policy on last minute bookings, how about knowing more details about the results of this action in your booking routine?