By applying last minute reservations restriction policies in your settings, we will use the information to transmit to your website, to your calendar for internal reservations and to the sales channels, so if your configuration is in days, we will create a block in your, like this example below:

If your configuration is to restrict periods in hours, the behavior has more variations and you will be able to check it from the table below:

Sales Channel
Details and AirbnbThese channels have compatibility to receive the information, so we will send the configuration in hours as you chose on Stays.
On Airbnb this will be used as the "advance notice" feature.
Other sales channelsAs they do not have compatibility with the feature, we will send
as a 1-day block for the platforms calendar. websiteYour configuration in hours will be respected and if guests try to book in a period closer than allowed, a message will appear for them.SEE DETAILS
Regarding the creation of manual reservations, regardless of whether your configuration is in days or in hours, your listing will be able to receive reservations through calendar, you or your team just have to select the period and manually create the reservation! Read more.

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