The promotion packages are the highest level in the prices hierarchy, so the amounts will get to the channels normally.

When making the promotion, the amounts will be sent to the channels with rate connection immediately.

It is important to mention that if there is a promotion on and another one in the sales channel at the same period, there will be a rate overlapping, that is, a discount added to another discount.

Here is a practical example:

- your season price on Stays = $100,00
- your Stays promotion in which the price would be $90,00 (with a 10% reduction in relation to the original season amount)
- your promotion on the channel, with a 10% reduction = $90,00 (which would be the amount sent by Stays) - 10% = $81,00.

If you focus on reservations on the website, we recommend you to centralize your promotional actions on

However if you are interested in taking part on promotional actions promoted by the sales channels, the best thing to do is to focus on adjusting promotions on the sales channels portal.