When configuring your listing's default currency, it is important to keep in mind that:

  • The currency chosen to connect the listing must be the same used in the channels.
  • The policy on price monetary unit configured in the channel will always prevail.
  • If your system default currency is different from the sales channels, your Stays.net will convert the amounts.

See a practical example:

When we connect a listing that the default price is in dollars on Booking.com and was configured as reais on Stays.net, by default the listing and in the channel manager, in a daily rate costing R$ 489, Stays.net would make this delivery presented above.

Therefore, the routine of sending prices in case of different currencies follows the default below:

1Configuration of the default currency in the systemYou need to set your default currency on your Stays.net.SEE DETAILS
2The default currency must match the one used in the sales channelsIf your default currency on your Stays.net is different from that practiced in the sales channels, the system will convert the amount and send it to the channel.SEE DETAILS
3The channel applies the default currency unit policy on the amount receivedThere is no way for us to send the price currency unit to the channels, so the channel configuration will always prevail.