Vertical rate groups is a tool that brings several advantages to those who use it, but it is something sensitive as it involves calendars and availability of listings in the sales channels.

See below how to make changes to the structure of your vertical rate groups:

How to delete a vertical rate group with similar listings?
Access your Multi Listing Location page and when accessing the list of listings, click on the [+Add] option.
Then click on the [Delete Group] option.
How to delete a vertical rate group with identical listings?
The process is similar to the other flow, however it is necessary, first, to inactivate the listings that will be deleted. Then, when you click [+Add], you must click on the trash can icon next to the listings that you want to remove. For the two rate group exclusion routines, if you have active reservations in the sales channels linked to this group, it is important to make adjustments to your listing registration and reservation allocation! 
How to edit dependent (child) members of a vertical rate group?
If your rate group consists of similar listings, it is possible to switch "child listings" of the group.
To do so, just click on [+Add] in the group configuration and select (if you want to add members) or unmark the option (if you want to remove them from the group), without forgetting to save the changes made at the end of the process.
Remember that if your rate group is connected to the compatible sales channels, this action directly affects the total availability of your listing on the portals.