When using the pricing per period model, a concept very close to horizontal rate groups is that of rate regions, however there are some differences between them and this is what we show in the following table:

Horizontal Rate Groups
Rate Regions
They serve to import daily rates prices after setting up the rate structures.They serve to set up rate structures and the registration of the daily rate price takes place at a later time.
In this model, the listings can be from different locations, the only restriction being that the listings to be chosen are not "children" of another rate group.When setting up a horizontal rate group of the [Import prices only once] type, it is necessary that the listings are part of the same rate region, as this will influence the result of daily rates importations.
When choosing the [Clone prices permanently] option, the "child" listing will automatically assume the rate region of the "parent" listing.

Now that you know the difference between the two tools, check out more information about horizontal rate groups in the link below: