The marketplace, also known as payment split, is a feature aimed at vacation rental managers (legal entities) and aims to facilitate the process of forwarding reservations to the owners.

In this case, forwarding is made on the reservation page through a manual split action at the time the transaction is processed on, therefore a part of the amount (your commission) will be transferred to your account and the rest (net rent) will be transferred directly to the owner's bank account.

Have this feature active on your brings the following advantages:

  • Big time saver
    With split, you can configure the commissioning settings within the reservation page and the owner's amount will already get in their bank account, without the need to carry out the forwarding manually.
  • Ease in tax and accounting matters
    With the marketplace/payment split, only your commission will be forwarded to your account, making the tax and accounting matters much easier.

In addition to the above advantages, another attractive point is the channel's competitive rates.
Next is a table with the maximum amounts per transaction volume. It is worth mentioning that, in some cases, there is scope for negotiation with to further improve rates.

TPV = Total amount charged on transactions during the month.

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