For you to create Booking listings from Stays, your Booking account must have a number called Legal Entity ID.

In case you are a new partner and initiate your registration through Booking, you will receive automatically the Legal Entity ID from the channel.
However, if you already have a registration or intend to  create a new account via Stays, follow the instructions of this article.

What you find in this article

How to register on Stays

To get this number through your system, access [Channel Manager >]. On [Account], on the left side of the screen, fill out the information of all sections and save the changes. After that, click on [Get Entity ID]

The Legal Entity ID number will show up on the screen. Besides, Booking will also email you with a form for validation - fill out with the necessary information. 

When submitting your Entity ID request to Booking, you will see this yellow alert on your system.

The listings created from your Stays will only be approved by Booking after signing the contract. Learn more.

I am a former client and already have registration on Booking

In case you already have an active Entity ID with Booking and you know the number, fill out your registration information and put the number in this space below, without clicking on the [Get Entity ID] button. Just click on the green button to save it.

In case you are already a channel partner, but do not have or do not know your Entity ID, please contact our support team.