In the pricing per period setup model you will be able to define the structure of your Rate Plans during the creation of your Seasons and Events.

When opening your Pricing rule, in the Night rate plans field, you must always enter the information as follows:

Minimum Base Stay (e.g.: 1 night)
In this case, the discount is always zero
Number of nights to give discount (from)Discount percentage
Example of use:
My minimum stay is 1 night, but if the guest stays from 2 nights, I give 10% off on the daily rates, if they stay from 5 nights, 30% and from 14 nights, 45%.

Suposing that the daily rate of a listing is R$ 500.00, the value charged from the guests would be as follows:

  • Guests that stay only one night will pay R$ 500.00;
  • Guests that stay from 02 to 04 nights will pay R$ 450.00 per daily rate (500 - 10%);
  • Guests that stay between 05 and 13 nights will pay R$ 350.00 per daily rate (500 - 30%);
  • Guests that stay from 14 nights on will pay R$ 225.00 per daily rate.

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