On October 5th, 2020, we launched the new financial model on Stays.net, with this, each plan will have a coverage area in relation to the financial routines.

Check the table below for a brief description of each plan and a referral for more information:

Super HostTh financial control will be exclusively based on the reservation charging routine.
There are no additional features regarding this area.
ProfessionalIt will be possible to view the finance dashboard and register bank accounts to monitor their balance daily through Stays.
The presentation of the indicators will be basic and based only on postings from the past and current month.
AdministratorIn addition to monitoring the finance dashboard and the registration of bank accounts, you will be able to create cash accounts for your team and will count on the accountability module with owners.SEE DETAILS
AgencyThis model will allow you to add more search filters such as chart of accounts, payable accounts, receivable accounts and cost center and you will also have the ability to check your cash's future projections both in the finance dashboard and in the auxiliary results screens.SEE DETAILS