As you post the guest payments on the reservations, the progress bars will be filled and may be represented by different colors, so it is important that you know the meaning of each of them.

GreenIndicates that the receipt posting has been completed with all the steps of the financial process of, that is, the amount was duly audited in cases where it is for amounts in bank deposit.
In addition to the green color in the payment bar, you will have a "v" icon indicating that the process was completed correctly.
BlueIndicates that the receipt posting still needs to be validated in the financial module of
The postings at this stage will not have the green completion icon next to the word "details", like the example on the right.
YellowIndicates that the posting refers to a past date and that the posting confirmation has not yet been made with your financial control routine.
As an additional alert, will put a yellow exclamation mark [!] next to the posting with this situation.