In order to improve your website, you can customize the guest search options. This action works to improve the attractiveness of each listing while providing the guest a simpler navigation to help them find listings that fit their profile.

To create custom search options for listings on your website, just follow the steps below:

Creating the group

First you need to create the listings groups according to the options you want to make available to the guest. A commonly used example is to organize the search by specific segments such as "couples", "adventure", "business", "family", among others.

The listin groups must be configured from the [Catalog > Groups] menu:

  1. In the [Function] field, mark the [Web Page] option;
  2. In the [Group title] field, put the name of the segment you want to target;
    Examples: couples, adventure, business trip, etc.
  3. Add your highlighted products from the [Set group members] field;
    It is possible to select one by one or open a search to mark multiple items!
  4. Don't forget to activate the group, by selecting [Yes] at the upper part of the screen;
  5. Save your changes made at the top right of the screen.

Activating the search option

After you have performed the previous action, you should activate the search field related to groups for your booking engine. In order to do that, access the [Settings > Website Settings > Main Search] and mark the [Group] option.

The result is to have this filter displayed in the [Group] field of the listing search bar on your website, whether initial or advanced, like the examples below:

In case you are interested in the feature, but still not sure how to segment audiences, check out some tips in our blog.
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