There are two ways to create listings on Stays — you can register from scratch or import an existing listing on Aribnb.

I already have listings registered on Airbnb

To import Airbnb listings, open the main menu of your system, go to [Property & Listings > Import Airbnb listings] and follow the indicated steps.

I want to create a new listing

Before creating a new listing, we also recommend you to create your property on Stays. How does it work? You register the information about the property and then you create the listings that belong to this address. 

In real life, it is similar to a condominium building, inn and other structures. By following this property hierarchy > listing, your listing will be suitable for most channels. 

How to create a property on Stays

To create your property, open the main menu, go to [Listings], click on the [+ Listing] button in the top right corner and fill out the necessary fields.

After the property is created, fill out the complementary information on the [Content] tab, such as [Location] and [Content]. Remember that these data must be about the property — building, condominium, inn... — where your listing is. 

How to create a listing on Stays

When you finish the property settings, it is time to create listings of your properties. Go to [Listings] and click [Add] next to your property and fill out the necessary information.

After creating the listing, you should edit the listing's settings and it is very important to fill out the fields from the [Content], [Finance] and [Distribution] tabs.

Do you have similar or identical listings? Instead of creating one by one, you can clone the listings to make it easier. Read more.