When using the pricing per period setup model, the idea is that you make most of your rate changes in the Price Rules panel of your listings, so applying prices per day in the Calendar would only be in rare cases.

How will be the prices hierarchy after applying the prices per day in the Calendar?

As prices per day is the maximum price level in the Stays structure, they will override the information previously recorded in your Price Rules, like the image below:


If you are using the pricing per day feature a lot, it might be worth migrating your prices to the per night model, as there you avoid creating multiple price tiers and the editing of minimum of nights is freer.
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What happens if I change the Price Rules in a period with prices per day applied?

To help you detect these cases, in your Price Rules panel, the periods with prices per day will have an indication with blue background, as in the example below:

 When saving changes in the pricing rule, you will be asked if you want to Ignore or Remove the prices per day of the period.
See below a quick explanation of what each option means:

IgnoreThis option will keep the prices per day in the calendar and the change will only be applied in periods when there are no prices per day in the calendar.
RemoveThis option will make the prices per day be removed from the calendar, and with that the values recorded in the Price Rule will be active on the calendar.

Now that you already know how the relationship between prices per day and price rules in the per period setup model works, how about checking out other related subjects?