Cloning individual pricing rules in the listings

As with global pricing rules, in case you have edited rules per listing, it is possible to take the action through the steps below:

  1. Access the reservationpage;
  2. Access [Finance > Pricing Setup];
  3. Select the desired pricing rule in the individual line (In.S. or Ind.Ev.);
  4. Click on [Clone/Copy/Group];
  5. Fill in the required information;
  6. Click on [Preview] to check the registration;
  7. Click on [Save] to apply the changes.

Important information

  • The cloning will only be applied to listings with a structure aligned with the global rule;
    That is, if you made an individual adjustment in relation to the rate plan discount or the daily rates, the cloning will not be performed.
  • You will be able to copy daily rates to the cloned price rule!
    In case you have already registered the daily rates in the listing, you can click on the [Copy Prices] option and apply a multiplier to the prices.
We recommend using the cloning feature only after you have registered the daily rates of your listings, as this way you will make more registrations with fewer clicks!

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