LoopKey is a solution for automating entry, exit and monitoring the use of your listing. It uses electronic locks directly integrated with the Stays App Center.

With this integration, you don't have to worry about leaving keys, meeting your guest early in the morning, changing access codes, knowing whether a room has been cleaned or whether the guest will stay longer than expected at your property.

To have LoopKey on your system, follow the steps:

Step 1. Purchase and install the LoopKey lock

Locks can be purchased at the nearest authorized stores or directly from LoopKey. They are developed for wooden, framed glass or metal swing doors.

Step 2. Activate LoopKey monthly fee

Loopkey charges a monthly fee for using the access control and remote space management platform. There, you will have access to statistics and other information about the use of your ad. Learn more.

Step 3. Set up your connection

To activate the connection, you must log in to LoopKey directly through the Stays App Center. Learn more.

Step 4. Enjoy a keyless connected world

Create your lock passwords on your system's reservation pages and integrate your email templates into this routine. Ensure your guest's independence and more free time for you to take care of other operational routines. Learn more.