For users who already have listings on Airbnb, you can skip these steps and import existing listings. Just link your Airbnb account to Stays, accept the Terms and Conditions for that action, and proceed with the import.

See below the different possible structures and guidelines to register a listing on Stays. 

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Individual listings

These are units not linked to other listings in a given location. In this case, we register all the necessary information - not only information about the listing, but also information about the surrounding area, such as services provided on site and tourist attractions. This model is recommended for alternative listings, such as houseboat and motor homes. 

For more details about the subject, read the article How to register a listing on Stays.


This is the ideal structure for most listings registered on Stays. When registering a property, you can place photos, description and information about the establishment and then create listings within this area.

With this, sales channels are able to place your area as an option for larger group reservations, as each listing for the property contributes to the total capacity of the property.

Finally, if your listings are identical or similar, it is possible to copy them to optimize registration or even create room categories, as traditional hotels do (e.g. standard, deluxe rooms).