This feature was developed only for emergency and very specific cases!
The overuse can cause overbookings on your calendar!

Reservations imported through channel manager on are always linked to the original listing ID where it was created on the channel, so by default will make automatic actions to keep the reservation at the same place of origin.

Remember that, according to the channel's policy, you must keep the guest in the same place in which they booked, however due to force majeure (emergencies), you can change the reservation's listing at Stays without the risk of having the action undone; that can be done from the steps below:

  1. Access the reservation page;
  2. On the left side of the page, find the commercial information for the reservation (partnership, for example); 
  3. Disable the key of the [Automatic switch of listing] option.

In doing so, your imported reservation from Expedia will continue to receive all updated information, such as date switch, credit card data, guest switch, among other routines and will be kept in the new listing you have chosen until you change your mind!

By disabling the feature and changing the reservation listing, will send the information that the listing would be available, so it is important that you have control over your calendars to avoid overbooking situations.

Remember that in order to switch listing on your sales channel, the action must be done on your Expedia extranet.