To help you know the details of the connection between and Marketplace Housi, we created the table below with the most frequently asked questions:

Is it necessary to have VAT to advertise on the channel?No, it is not.
The only commercial condition is that the listings located in the capital of São Paulo, Brazil.
Is there a minimum number of listings to connect?There is no restriction on the number of listings.
Is there content connection between Stays and Marketplace Housi?Yes, there is.
By activating Marketplace Housi in your App Center, Marketplace Housi will collect information from your listings and display on their portal.
Is it possible to update the descriptive content of a Marketplace Housi listing through Stays?Yes, it is.
The content maintenance is centralized on Stays and Marketplace Housi will receive the edits made.
Will the rates registered on Stays be sent to the channel?Yes, they will.
Your rate lines will be sent and the one with the highest number of nights will be considered as the basis for the monthly rentals.
Will Stays additional fees be sent to Marketplace Housi?Yes, they will.
They will be added to the daily rate amount on the Marketplace Housi portal.
Will reservations made on Marketplace Housi be sent to the Stays calendar?Yes, they will.
Marketplace Housi will transmit the information to your calendar.
Will my listings be available on the Marketplace Housi subscription model as well?
Yes, they will.
We recommend that you use the monthly rate feature of our advanced pricing.
Otherwise, the amount will be calculated based on your daily rate amount.
How will the minimum stay for Marketplace Housi reservations be defined?
The minimum stay will be defined from your reservation settings, in the restrictions on minimum nights section, option on backend reservations.
Will Marketplace Housi receive the calendar information?Yes, it will.
The management of your calendar will be done through Stays.
Will Marketplace Housi receive check-in and check-out restrictions registered on, it will.
They will be sent together with the other information in your calendar.
What will Marketplace Housi charge me in the partnership?
Marketplace Housi will charge a 10% commission on the total reservations and will collect this amount during guests payment.
How is the reservation amount charged to the guest?Marketplace Housi will be the responsible for charging the reservation (including chargebacks) and will then transfer the rental amount.
The amount is transferred on 3 dates throughout the month, based on the rental check-in date (the 15th, 25th and 5th of the following month).
Is there an option to negotiate the reservation with the guests?
Marketplace Housi is an instant reservation portal, but the guest has the option to send questions.
The Marketplace Housi team will act in this service and, if you need to negotiate prices, they will act as host x guest intermediation.
Will Marketplace Housi receive my Multi Unit Listings registered on, it will not.
Currently, the listings will be advertised as individual units on the Marketplace Housi portal.
Will Marketplace Housi integrate my cancellation policies?No, it will not.
The cancellation policy that will prevail is that of Marketplace Housi, and when setting up the partnership, it is possible to adjust details during the negotiation.
Can I cancel a Marketplace Housi reservation through a screen?Yes, you can.
You will be able to cancel from and there are no penalties for these actions, but we recommend that you always use common sense when doing this.
How can I communicate with the guests in the reservations?
Regarding communication with the guests, in the negotiation of reservations part, the process is centralized in Marketplace Housi as you will be the reservation operator.
Does the channel accept instant reservation?Yes, it does.
By default, the channel accepts only instant reservation.
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