Before proceeding with the reading of this article, it is important that you already know about the concept below:

With the dynamic prices rules of the basic prices model, you will be able to apply discounts to guests who book close to their arrival time (last minute discount) or to guests who book well in advance (early bird or early booking).

To adjust these settings, you must follow the path below:

  1. Access the [Settings > General Settings > Pricing] menu;
  2. Find the [Dynamic Pricing Rules] section;
  3. Mark [Yes] on the actions you want to apply;
  4. Fill in the period of days and the desired discount percentage;
  5. Save the changes made at the upper right side of the screen.
It is also possible to configure by listing.
Just enable the option per listing and go to the [Sell Price > General Configuration] tab and indicate that the listing does not follow the default policy! 

In the basic prices configuration, these rules apply only in relation to to sending prices to Airbnb.
This configuration does not affect bookings made through the website or other sales channels!

Now that you know about the dynamic pricing rules and the basic Stays prices model, how about checking out more information?
You will be able to see more information about the connection between Stays and Airbnb or more Airbnb instructions about multiple discounts in the same period: