AskSuite is an automated chat platform specialized in hosting clients from different parts of the world.

With AskSuite automated chat technology, you will provide to your guests a real time support in the website at 24/7 format and you will have more time to take care of other areas of your business.

Regarding, AskSuite may be integrated to your website and will use your rate and calendar information from Stays to respond the queries made by the guests on your website.

For more details, check the table below with more information:

How to integrate AskSuite with Stays? 
The integration is made from the [App Center] menu of your Stays and, after configuring the AskSuite team, an application of code in your Stays website.SEE DETAILS
How will the AskSuite chat work on my website?
After applying the code generated through AskSuite in Stays, the chat will be integrated on the pages of your website developed with Stays, in widget format.SEE DETAILS
How to follow the performance of my AskSuite chat?
The statistical tracking about chat conversations, conversion rates and other tools is made from the AskSuite platform.


The tool has additional cost and the charging is made directly by the AskSuite team.
See conditions when trading with AskSuite!